00001 - Ape Con Myth - [In Progress]
Ape Con Myth is a Conceptual Art Project in the form of a Think Tank.
Founded in 2007 by a New York writer who crunched numbers by day at a hedge fund,
Ape Con Myth is about humanity's continued struggle to survive in the modern age.
And what an incredible waste of time it is.
In a world where information is consumed catch-as-catch-can,
Ape Con Myth seeks to create a constructive environment for the efficient communication
of a more complete understanding of our civilization and its potential.
On this site you will be exposed to an evolving library of data, ideas and culture
as part of a comprehensive review of reality and humanity's endeavors within it.
Presently we are in the data sorting phase.
If this is what Ape Con Myth is going for...    
...This is where we are in the process.
Please mind your head and enjoy the ride.
For more about Ape Con Myth, please see:
A Few Short, Vague Notes on ACM's Approach, Process and Output to Date
Thank you for your interest.