Objective:  To use jigsaw puzzles as a parallel process for the study of the levels of reality.

Once upon a time,
the pieces from 11 puzzles got dumped into a single bag.
Now it’s time to put them back together.
Can we learn something about reality along the way?

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chalkboard1 puzzles1
First thoughts. A daunting beginning.
chalkboard2 puzzles2
A survey of ontologies. This is going to take forever.
chalkboard3 puzzles3
Second thoughts. This is taking forever.
chalkboard4 puzzles4
Second thoughts adjusted for daily life. Birds migrating.  …  Or showing off.
The Ape Con Myth lies within the constructed levels.
From its perspective, the landscape of reality is a more basic affair.
The abstract is blurred out in favor of the concrete; the ideal forsaken for the real.
The possibility of the unknown is lost to controlled calculations in search of predicted results.
chalkboard5 puzzles5
Self explanatory? From left to right, vegetation = material, water and sky = mental,
and man-made structures and dividing lines = social.
chalkboard6 puzzles6
The level we’ve spent far too much time on. By far, the easiest table.
chalkboard7 puzzles7
The most underutilized resource on the planet. A study of the blues.
chalkboard8 puzzles8
Click for the “answers”. By far, the most frustrating.
There are a lot of pieces.
Many look similar and share like qualities.
They are all connected,
but most of them do not go together.
Everything is subject to change.
It’s sand castles as far as the eye can see.
Moving into the final phase…
chalkboard10 puzzles10
That is the question. There they are…
chalkboard11 puzzles11
This isn’t the answer, but it’s what we are dealing with nonetheless.
As such, this is the territory Ape Con Myth will explore.
Somehow, only 13 pieces were missing.
See what the puzzles are up to now: 00033 – The Yellow Tree Granfalloon