It doesn't make sense for a reason.

Ape Con Myth's fifth variation on the wall calendar started with the idea of organizing days
in the format of the Periodic Table of Elements and turned into a whole new perpetual calendar system.


Capable of exploring dates going back to 1582, when the Gregorian calendar got its start,
and into the future as far as you want to go, P-Cal will flip your perspective of time inside-out
with a revolutionary new way to look at the fourth dimension.

Meet the last calendar you'll ever need...


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When looking at the big picture,
the danger is forgetting
how each individual piece
has a life of its own.

How much of a life?

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North American Industry Classification System

20 sectors, 99 subsectors, 313 industry groups, 719 industries and 19,720 product classes.
Dive into the one-stop shop, everything of economics: NAICS.


Between December 2008 and January 2010, Ape Con Myth tagged New York City
with 38 installations of army troops spanning over three boroughs.


Check out the new slideshow with enlarged and never-before-seen images from the series.

Reality is a Puzzle

Once upon a time, the pieces from 11 puzzles were dumped into a single bag.


Now it's time to put them back together. Can we learn something about reality along the way?

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The Ape Con Myth Calendars

You don't need a wall calendar...


...and that's why Ape Con Myth keeps making them.

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What can be said about The Shut Up Society?


Very little.



Founded in 2007, Ape Con Myth is focused on humanity's continued struggle to survive in the modern age,
and revealing what a tremendous waste of time it is. By connecting the dots between ideas and inventions already on the books,
ACM will attempt to make the point that the only thing standing in the way of a peaceful and prosperous future is ourselves.