00227 – Super PIPA-SOPA

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SOPA PIPA copyright blacklist bills

Read about the next round of this saga: COICA. PIPA. SOPA. ACTA. TPP. Stop.

Or, how about a giant chart of .com animal domain rankings?

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  8. […] here, Reddit’s thorough breakdown here, &#959r th&#1110&#1109 exceptionally handy flow chart here.Wh&#1110&#1089h sites w&#1110ll b&#1077 blacked out?Th&#1077 full list encompasses […]

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  16. […] making a page devoted to information and resources about these bills later but for now here is a flowchart which has everything you could want to know all in one location. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike […]

  17. […] through countless youtube videos, earnest comment threads, detailed expert analyses, and even a flowchart – but what would this regulation feel […]

  18. […] Wikipedia ha fatto vedere i muscoli mostrandosi chiusa a 162 milioni di utenti, Google ha raccolto più di 4 milioni di adesioni contro l’emanazione di decreti legge come SOPA e PIPA, più di 75000 siti hanno protestato ufficialmente contro queste leggi e compagnie come Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Amazon ecc. sono fermamente contrarie a dette leggi. Se volete sapere se siete favorevoli o contrari, ho trovato questo meraviglioso diagramma di flusso. […]

  19. […] Full sized multihyperlinked singin’ and dancin’ version here. […]

  20. […] The Super PIPA-SOPA Action Info Flowchart Reference […]

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