Founded in 2007, Ape Con Myth is a tremendously underfunded and sprawling work in progress seeking to address the absurdity of a world that doesn’t make sense through an organization that doesn’t make sense either.

What is Ape Con Myth?

Ape Con Myth is a conceptual art think tank.
Our mission is to reveal the Ape Con Myth.

What is the Ape Con Myth?

The Ape Con Myth is a theorized phenomenon in which humanity continues to struggle to survive despite having accumulated the means to end the struggle.

Based on an overwhelming hunch that humanity has already reached this state of Ape Con Myth, Ape Con Myth’s goal is to find the pieces we didn’t think to put together the first time around and see if they fit.

This site contains documentation of our search. Regular readers will be exposed to an evolving library of projects, data and ideas as part of a comprehensive review of reality and humanity’s endeavors within it.

If you would like to know more, see what you can make of Reality is a Puzzle. If you like that, try out The Tao Jones. Next, look at this, this and this in quick succession. And if you make it through all of that, please check out the Yellow Tree Granfalloon too.

Thank you for your interest in Ape Con Myth. If you would like to support the effort, please check out the Sandwich Shop. For communications both to and fro, go here.