History of the Puzzles

The Yellow Tree puzzle was first discovered in 1997, along with ten other puzzles, in an old sewing factory turned loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

In 1999, while preparing for a move, the pieces from all eleven puzzles were dumped into a single bag to save room.

The challenge was obvious the instant the pieces were mixed together. One day, all the puzzles must be rebuilt.

In 2008, Ape Con Myth used the reconstruction of the puzzles as a parallel process to the mapping of reality in its first major project, Reality is a Puzzle.

Once complete, it was clear that the puzzles’ history was only beginning. The greatest potential could be achieved by sending each piece out into the world, with the collective owners becoming a group.

In 2011, the Yellow Tree puzzle was the first to begin this new leg of the journey…

Where do you fit in the
Yellow Tree Granfalloon?



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