Conway’s Game of Life

The Game of Life is a cellular automaton where rules govern the next state of the grid based on the current configuration.

  • Underpopulation – A living cell with less than 2 neighbors dies.
  • Overpopulation – A living cell with more than 3 neighbors dies.
  • Balance – A living cell with 2 or 3 neighbors survives.
  • Reproduction – A dead cell with more than 2 neighbors comes alive.

Here’s a sample of the fun to be had…

(click to play)

The Import/Export feature allows you to load and save different setups.  Post your own in the comments!


7 Responses

  1. Ape Con Myth

    Here’s the setup in the post:

  2. Ape Con Myth

    It’s a simple arrangement but puts on quite the symmetrical show.

  3. Ape Con Myth

    Awesome sauce…

  4. Ape Con Myth

    Boxy evolution…

  5. Ape Con Myth

    No dot is an island.

  6. Ape Con Myth

    Checkerboard. Do not look at while operating heavy machinery.

  7. Ape Con Myth

    The Wikipedia entry for Conway’s Game of Life identifies a number of basic patterns to try out. While the arrangements posted so far dead-end around 300 generations in, 7 instances of the acorn pattern allow you to crank it up to 20 hz and watch this one go for over 2,200 generations: