Compete with Ape Con Myth to Click Your Life Away!

When you boil down a lot of online games, you are basically being rewarded for clicking the screen over and over again.  Not that there is anything wrong with it necessarily, so long as you know what you are doing.  The people making the games know.

The unknown forces behind Click Your Life Away know too, but were kind enough to spare you the cute design, shallow story lines and incessant baiting to buy-in.  The object here is to click in the box, and Ape Con Myth wants to take you on!

The contest?  Click as many times as you can.  The stakes?  Whoever is in the lead Friday, February 10th at 5pm PST wins a free Ape Con Myth t-shirt.  Contest entry will be tracked in the comments, so please include your email and tell us your username* if you want to win.  ACM has started a new account for the occasion, so don’t worry, you’re not already 5,000 clicks behind.

WARNING:  Refresh the page if you let it sit for a while!!!  It WILL have logged you out, but pretends to still be keeping score.  Otherwise, it’s as simple as it goes.  Good luck!

[*Work “ape” into your username for non-redeemable style points.]

6 Responses

  1. apetrousers

    apetrousers FTW!

  2. alefnull

    username is alefnull. email is the one i signed up with to post this comment 😉

  3. Andy

    craper has 400 clicks and wants his life back.

  4. Ape Con Myth

    Unfortunately the “Friends List” doesn’t seem to be working, so here’s the current results:
    apetrousers – 1000
    craper – 370
    alefnull – 358
    Ape Con Myth – 333

    Excellent use of ape, craper!

  5. Ape Con Myth

    Only 14 hours left to go and Ape Con Myth has pulled away from the pack. Thankfully you don’t to beat ACM to get the t-shirt. Right now, 1,001 clicks will take it…

    apetrousers – 1,000
    craper – 898
    alefnull – 358

    Good Clicking!

  6. Ape Con Myth

    As thanks to everyone who played, Ape Con Myth is making everyone a winner and sending t-shirts to all!!!

    The final results were as such:
    apetrousers – 1163
    craper – 898
    alefnull – 358

    Meanwhile, Ape Con Myth ended up in 4th place on the Click Your Life Away scoreboard with 11231 clicks, in honor of ACM’s birthplace, Red Hook, Brooklyn.