Watch Out For Falling Giants

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April 3, 2012

Re: Watch Out for Falling Giants

Did anyone notice this line-up in the Econ Devision feed the other day?

That’s quite a few large companies looking vulnerable.  Is the age of giants over and if so what might they be willing to do to keep from falling?  Whose interest will it be in?  How long can the inevitable be put off?  Where’s the line between big business and bloated bully?  Let’s keep our eyes out for more examples and any past highlights in the field of non-competitive overstaying of welcomes.

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  1. cholling

    When Amazon, Google, and Apple are desperate for customers, and no other big companies are stepping in to fill the void, I’ll believe in the “fall of giants”. As it is, this is no more shocking than the demise of once-great railroads or newspapers.