With Choices Like These

Ape Con Myth
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April 11, 2012

Re: With Choices Like These

Who forgot to open a file on advertising?  00265 it is then.  Thanks to Hulu for the incredible specimen with which we start this collection.

How many people do you think found out?

Perhaps the first thing to do here is not start a long game of what’s wrong with this picture.  Let’s find out for ourselves.  Not about Scientology, but advertising. While it would seem we are all so connected these days that word of mouth could save us from the constant interruption and visual noise, let’s go the other direction with it first and be part of the supposed problem.

Is it alright that it only takes a few cents to get this in front of thousands of eyeballs?

Non-Profit People

Economics Devision
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April 6, 2012

Re: Non-Profit People

If it’s okay for corporations to be called people, should it follow that people be allowed to seek non-profit status?

Profit-making has such a narrow band of activity associated with it that you couldn’t expect it to cover the entire range of productive human activity.  Because whose definition of “productive” are we going to use?  Is manufacturing Doritos productive?

There are over 1.5 million non-profits in the United States alone attempting to fill in the blanks and if you accept that artists are doing the same thing in a less tangible way you can add 2 more million to that number, not to mention all the volunteers and caregivers out there.

Too bad it’s the same problem.  Non-profits need money too.  There’s no way out, even if you’re not really playing the game.

How do we get out?

Watch Out For Falling Giants

Economics Devision
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April 3, 2012

Re: Watch Out for Falling Giants

Did anyone notice this line-up in the Econ Devision feed the other day?

That’s quite a few large companies looking vulnerable.  Is the age of giants over and if so what might they be willing to do to keep from falling?  Whose interest will it be in?  How long can the inevitable be put off?  Where’s the line between big business and bloated bully?  Let’s keep our eyes out for more examples and any past highlights in the field of non-competitive overstaying of welcomes.

File under 00262 – The Behavior of Falling Giants