Untitled Occupy Wall Street Plug

The Occupy movement spontaneously created something that doesn’t really exist in the country: communities of mutual support, cooperation, open spaces for discussion … just people doing things and helping each other.  -  Noam Chomsky

Perhaps what also didn’t exist was an entity of sufficient complexity to compete with the corporate and political structures at work in this country.  Compared with yesterday’s conglomerate chart, it looks like Occupy Wall Street‘s NYC General Assembly is starting to hold its own when it comes to tentacles…

(click to enlarge)

(And what is it they say about the side that isn’t getting paid?)

Wish you were in NYC?  Be there online.

[Chart by Jack Smith via Mapping the Movement]

2 Responses

  1. Black Jesus

    Who is “Noah Chomsky”? I think you meant Noam Chomsky since he’s who is mentioned on the first line of the article you linked.

    Noam Chomsky, author and Professor Emeritus of linguistics and philosophy at MIT, where he taught for over half a century. He is author of dozens of books, most recently, Occupy, part of the Occupied Media Pamphlet Series. He was recently awarded the Latin America Peace and Justice Award from the North American Congress on Latin America.

  2. Ape Con Myth

    Noah Chomsky is his lesser known cousin. … Just kidding, thanks much for the catch! If memory serves, the name was double-checked just before being typed incorrectly.