The Super PIPA-SOPA Action/Info Flowchart Reference Guide

Whether you are just tuning in or have been following the saga from the start, The Super PIPA-SOPA Action/Info Flowchart Reference Guide is ready to get you up to speed and lay the whole thing out.

SOPA getting shelved might be a move in the right direction, but the companies supporting it aren’t just going to forget about the internet.  It isn’t over and we shouldn’t let this momentum go…

(click to enlarge)

And don’t forget, January 18th is Internet Blackout Day!  Wikipedia, Reddit, Boing Boing and a host of other sites will be joining in to get the word out.  Find out more and get blackout code for your site at SopaStrike.  It is sure to be an interesting day.

3 Responses

  1. Edis Nunez

    this needs to stop asap

  2. Tariq Kamal

    You forgot one element: I may oppose SOPA and PIPA, but since I am neither an American citizen, nor do I reside in the USA, I am SOL.

  3. Ape Con Myth

    There is one international action in the mix! Check out the petition here:

    It’s already past 1.2 million signatures!