Are You Playing a Game or Getting Played?

The more game makers consciously “tap into human psychological and sociological tendencies”, the more gamers must consider a game’s intention and the experience of playing it.  Are you having fun or, as in the example below, are you a monkey pressing a lever?

Reading through SCVNGR’s Game Mechanics Flash Cards could be part of a new mental self-defense kit, along with sets for logical fallacies and cognitive biases.

This Little Piggy Had Antibiotics

We have access to and consume more news and information than ever.  But what are we taking from it all?
Is this knowledge adding up in any meaningful way or is it all merely washing over us?

Ape Con Myth wants to see what happens when you start adding it up.  Of course, where does one begin with
such an endeavor, when a single New York Times op-ed piece can yield all of this and more:


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