Eat like a Harvard Preschooler

There’s something about the USDA food pyramid that inspires a search for a second opinion.


You don’t have to go to Harvard to benefit from it.


Of course, they’re not perfect.  They didn’t think to make a version for kids.  For that you need Ape Con Myth and the good ole USDA…


Aim high, kids, print one out for your fridge!

[Source: USDA, Harvard School of Public Health] [Related: European Food Pyramids]

The Tao Jones – Part 1


The Tao Te Ching is a classic Chinese text
ascribed to the sage Lao Tzu,
who did or didn’t live and write it sometime
between the 3rd and 6th centuries BC.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average
is a benchmark American stock market index
created by Charles Dow and first published
in his Wall Street Journal on May 26, 1896.

The Tao is concerned with “the Way”. The Dow is concerned with “the Market”.

The Tao Jones is concerned with “the Way of the Market”.

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