No Real Than You Are

Score one for the world where something mysterious and wonderful can still wash up on the shore.
…  No, not oil.

Something wonderful…

Meet Ego Leonard.  Seen here in Sarasota, FL, this is his third appearance on the beaches of the world.  Check out Apt46 for more images and a theory on why he ended up in Florida this time.  Ape Con Myth just wants to stare at his picture a little longer and try to understand the impulse to vote him into public office.

[Image from Sarasota Herald-Tribune; Bonus: The terracotta chalk army that followed a few days later at the Sarasota Chalk Festival, via Prescription Art]

Would a Verizon Wireless Rose Smell as Sweet?

If it wasn’t for advertising, we wouldn’t have television, newspapers… or Google, to name a few things.  But we would have music.  And places to listen to live music.  As the most abstract of the arts that also happens to be enjoyed by pretty much everyone, music is different.  Not all of it, but certainly the best of it.  What isn’t different is the Verizon Wireless Music Center and the Verizon Wireless Music Center.  While far from alone, Verizon is really into putting their names on places…

What kind of musical experience are you going to have at a Verizon Wireless facility?  Is something lost, at least conceptually, when a brand is attached?  I don’t know, can you take the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival at the 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre seriously?  (Take what seriously?  …  The mayhem!)

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