Top 50 Websites in the U.S.

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That is, the top 54 websites according to Alexa on June 28th, 2011, minus technical/non-user sites at #34 and #41 and adult sites at #43 and #50.

The only surprise on this list might be Myspace’s continued presence. For a dying website, it still makes the top 50, out of, you know, over 100,000,000 active sites. But also of note is the quick and dramatic drop-off in reach, or the estimated percentage of internet users visiting a site. While Google racked up 52% and Facebook 43% reach yesterday, a great many in this grouping didn’t break 2%.

Wonder what this would look like broken out by owner…

Update: This is what it looks like.

Top 50 Websites in the World

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That is, the top 50 sites according to Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner for April 2011.  There are many other measures.

Anyway, this is global, so there’s very likely some sites you haven’t seen before.  For non-English pages, you can click on the favicon for the translated version, but you’ll shortchange yourself if you skip the original…

Wasted URLs: and

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Ape Con Myth is all for acronyms, but online it is easy to take them too far.

Yes, Automated Production Equipment does equal A.P.E., but even as “The World Leader in Surface Mount Repair Equipment”,  this is not cutting it for…

But at least A.P.E. is supposedly international and put what looks like an ape under the palm tree in their logo.  All Phase Electrical Systems, on the other hand, is an electrical contracting outfit only serving southern California.  Unless the owner is big into evolution and thought he was covering a nod to apes by putting his picture on the site, there’s no justification for looking like this:

Wasted URLs:

There’s pretty much no excuse for this redirect.  Of all the places in the IBM empire, something called WebSphere is where they send people looking for


This is more what we’re looking for when the subject is unicorns…


This domain should be surrendered at once to a commission of elementary school kids who will be charged with its protection from non-awesome incarnations in the future.

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