Introducing the Periodic Calendar

It might not be the end of the world, but with The Periodic Calendar, it’s about to be the world as you’ve never experienced it before!

Utilizing a previously ignored dimension within our shared conception of time, Ape Con Myth has reconfigured the Gregorian calendar into a fully functional perpetual calendar capable of explore the past, present and future!

It is the Periodic Table of Days and to celebrate its launch, we are getting the ball rolling with an Indiegogo campaign to fund the first edition prints!

Want to find out more?  You can get the whole story at Indiegogo or explore an interactive version of the Periodic Calendar at its dedicated site!

It’s a whole new way to think about the fourth dimension, just in time for the end of the world!  Pre-order one today!

The October of Shocking Revelations

If you’ve got ’em, rip ’em!

That is, if you’ve got an Ape Con Myth 2012 Novelty Rip-Off Calendar, October is upon us…

Good thing we have 31 days to think about that.

Meanwhile, despite the Maya Long Count Calendar drawing ever closer to the end of the current b’ak’tun on December 21st, Ape Con Myth has taken a leap of faith and commenced production on a 2013 calendar.

In honor of the world probably not ending this year, we’re making the last calendar you’ll ever need.

Sign up here to find out when it is ready!

August, or Summer Slowly Going Down the Drain

All hands on deck!  Only one month left to use the season as an excuse to get out of working so much.

Tired of the calendar on your wall?!  Print a pdf of August (as seen above) to upgrade your calendar experience, or get a print-your-own copy of the whole Ape Con Myth 2012 Novelty Rip-Off Calendar!

We Now Pause for Station Identification


Here’s what the Ape Con Myth home page looked like back in early 2008…

It started with a list of changes, a general vow to say as little as possible until more data could be studied and ACM’s first major project focused on sketching out the big idea of it all, Reality is a Puzzle.

Two years later, ACM expanded its operations, adding a blog to execute the same process from Reality is a Puzzle, this time with the world’s data being the puzzle pieces and the chalkboards representing ACM’s various efforts to put the pieces together.

Now Ape Con Myth is on the verge of another expansion.  Not only will ACM’s headquarters be relocating this month, but a live redesign will begin next week right here in front of your eyes.

The next time you see the site it won’t look like this.

What happens next?  Stay tuned to find out…

Top 50 Websites in the U.S.

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That is, the top 54 websites according to Alexa on June 28th, 2011, minus technical/non-user sites at #34 and #41 and adult sites at #43 and #50.

The only surprise on this list might be Myspace’s continued presence. For a dying website, it still makes the top 50, out of, you know, over 100,000,000 active sites. But also of note is the quick and dramatic drop-off in reach, or the estimated percentage of internet users visiting a site. While Google racked up 52% and Facebook 43% reach yesterday, a great many in this grouping didn’t break 2%.

Wonder what this would look like broken out by owner…

Update: This is what it looks like.

Top 50 Websites in the World

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That is, the top 50 sites according to Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner for April 2011.  There are many other measures.

Anyway, this is global, so there’s very likely some sites you haven’t seen before.  For non-English pages, you can click on the favicon for the translated version, but you’ll shortchange yourself if you skip the original…

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