(Still) Introducing the Periodic Calendar

Unlike previous years, the latest Ape Con Myth calendar did not turn into a pumpkin on January 1st.

PeriodiccCal-600[Periodic?  Yes.  Perpetual?  Yes.  Pumpkin?  No.]

As a perpetual calendar that will outlive us all, the Periodic Calendar has not yet begun to fight change the way the world thinks about time.  But now, after three months of prototyping and design followed by a month of fundraising on Indiegogo to make the first-edition prints a reality, the real work begins…

At PeriodicCalendar.com, you’ll find all the latest news and research as Ape Con Myth explores the ramifications of the Periodic Calendar and begins to share it with the world.

Please join us as we unlock a new dimension of time…

Introducing the Periodic Calendar

It might not be the end of the world, but with The Periodic Calendar, it’s about to be the world as you’ve never experienced it before!

Utilizing a previously ignored dimension within our shared conception of time, Ape Con Myth has reconfigured the Gregorian calendar into a fully functional perpetual calendar capable of explore the past, present and future!

It is the Periodic Table of Days and to celebrate its launch, we are getting the ball rolling with an Indiegogo campaign to fund the first edition prints!

Want to find out more?  You can get the whole story at Indiegogo or explore an interactive version of the Periodic Calendar at its dedicated site!

It’s a whole new way to think about the fourth dimension, just in time for the end of the world!  Pre-order one today!

The Date as Fiction

The next time you wake from a long nap in a strange place and are told it is thousands of years earlier or later than you’d expect, it will most likely, and most unfortunately, not be thanks to time travel.  That is, unless you’re flexible enough to qualify the use of a different calendar as such, in which case, go wild…

[Chart from the 2012 Wikipedia entry]

The Uniform Monday Holiday Act

The problem with holidays given a specific date, such as the 4th of July or December 25th, is that they regularly fall in the middle of the week.  While Wednesday is a fine day to take off if you’re sick or need to run some errands, calling it a holiday can be a bit of a stretch.  Most weekends don’t even earn the title, so what are we supposed to do with one day, have a parade?

Of all the problems in the world, this one was addressed by Congress back in 1968.  With the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Columbus Day and Veterans Day were turned into guaranteed three-day weekends.

Although Congress changed their tune on Veterans Day, returning it to November 11th in 1975, we still enjoy four Monday holidays, including Labor Day, thanks to this Act.  The catch of course is: They are uniform Mondays.  If you’ve ever spent one returning from a trip, you know they can fall short of feeling like a holiday too.  After all, it’s still a Monday.

Sometimes you can’t win for losing, but when the idea is to make everything the same, …  well, it wasn’t much of an idea to begin with.  And speaking of, you can help make the next change in our holiday schedule by supporting the effort to turn Columbus Day into Exploration Day!  For the why try Boing Boing, otherwise head on over to ExplorationDayUSA.org to find out what you can do.

[Image from the National Archives]

The October of Shocking Revelations

If you’ve got ’em, rip ’em!

That is, if you’ve got an Ape Con Myth 2012 Novelty Rip-Off Calendar, October is upon us…

Good thing we have 31 days to think about that.

Meanwhile, despite the Maya Long Count Calendar drawing ever closer to the end of the current b’ak’tun on December 21st, Ape Con Myth has taken a leap of faith and commenced production on a 2013 calendar.

In honor of the world probably not ending this year, we’re making the last calendar you’ll ever need.

Sign up here to find out when it is ready!

August, or Summer Slowly Going Down the Drain

All hands on deck!  Only one month left to use the season as an excuse to get out of working so much.

Tired of the calendar on your wall?!  Print a pdf of August (as seen above) to upgrade your calendar experience, or get a print-your-own copy of the whole Ape Con Myth 2012 Novelty Rip-Off Calendar!

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