Historical U.S. Metro Area Population Ranking

The history of American cities, based on metropolitan population, is about to be all over your face.  There’s so much here you just have to see it for yourself.  Click the image and enjoy a simple, yet powerful, American history lesson…

HistMetPop[Peakbagger chart via Kelso’s Corner]

Population Density (or, What a Difference a Scale Makes)

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The year, 1994.  The world’s population, 5.6 billion.  How bunched up were we then?

Plenty of room to breathe, right?  But where is everyone else?

Suddenly it’s getting a little crowded in here, particularly considering most of the grey area is quite inhospitable.  Thankfully there’s no one around to call us an invasive species.

Other population density info:

[1994 Maps from NASA, NRCS]