Getting a Handle on the Water Situation

So far Ape Con Myth has put together a few pieces of the water puzzle.  Now it’s time to start dumping the rest of the box out on the table.  And what better way to do that then with a Google search.

Here’s the first 50 results for “water”:

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While looking up “water” in Wikipedia wouldn’t be enough, searching for it on Google provides more than we need.  In this first round, 21 of the results have been crossed out for being unrelated or useless to our research.  Next comes a little organization…

Population Density (or, What a Difference a Scale Makes)

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The year, 1994.  The world’s population, 5.6 billion.  How bunched up were we then?

Plenty of room to breathe, right?  But where is everyone else?

Suddenly it’s getting a little crowded in here, particularly considering most of the grey area is quite inhospitable.  Thankfully there’s no one around to call us an invasive species.

Other population density info:

[1994 Maps from NASA, NRCS]

The Necessities –> Water –> Drought

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USDroughtMonitor USDroughtImpact
U.S. Drought Monitor Drought Impact Reporter

BFFs: Bill Gates & Warren Buffett

There are only two people on Earth with more money than Warren Buffett and for some reason he decided to give most of his wealth to one of them.


While The Giving Pledge is a wonderful, wonderful thing, it’s still a little weird to imagine all these people didn’t know what to do with their fortunes until someone suggested just giving them away.  When imagination is applied to business, it is apparently leased rather than owned.

If Ape Con Myth could ask the Oracle of Omaha one question it’d be, “What was it about Windows that made you think Bill Gates should be calling the shots?”  But that’s exactly the kind of question you’d expect from an organization selling puzzle pieces to get by.

[Map made at NNDB]

Plato Sucks

To begin ACM’s study of philosophy, let’s jump somewhere randomly in the middle.

What is philosophy?  We will get to that.
Why have you probably read Plato while possibly never having heard of Bertrand Russell?  Good question.
What does the latter think of the former?  See for yourself…




And presumably, it still is…

[Bertrand Russell’s Unpopular Essays via Google Books]

Conway’s Game of Life

The Game of Life is a cellular automaton where rules govern the next state of the grid based on the current configuration.

  • Underpopulation – A living cell with less than 2 neighbors dies.
  • Overpopulation – A living cell with more than 3 neighbors dies.
  • Balance – A living cell with 2 or 3 neighbors survives.
  • Reproduction – A dead cell with more than 2 neighbors comes alive.

Here’s a sample of the fun to be had…

(click to play)

The Import/Export feature allows you to load and save different setups.  Post your own in the comments!


Open Census Season

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It’s that time of the decade again.  The census is done and now the data is starting to flow.  It’s free candy for reporters [Detroit -25%] and, since it’s 2011, you are going to see this data like never before. Of course, it takes time to get through it all, but the New York Times is offering some 2005-2009 data while you wait…

(click to launch NYT’s Mapping America: Every City, Every Block)

And in case you’d like to check out some of the data yourself, the U.S. Census Bureau has rolled out FactFinder2:

While definitely easier on the eyes and more technically sophisticated, the sugarcoating is skin deep as FactFinder2 is also sort of confusing, if not discouraging, to use.  ACM recommends a deep breath before going in.

[NYT’s Mapping America: Every City, Every Block; FactFinder2; FactFinder1]

For the Easy Win

Want to play a game all day long, but don’t have the time?  Well, your problem was solved nine years ago.

Behold, Progress Quest:

ProgressQuest (click to play)

Choose your character name and type and the game literally plays itself.  Progress Quest is a perpetual accomplishment machine.  Let it go in the background and it’s there anytime you need to see something in your life actually making progress.

[Progress Quest]

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