Stop Outsourcing Local News (or I Can See You Fine From Here)

The short of it?

For more on the subject, here is This American Life’s segment about local news getting reported by people literally on the other side of the world.

If you want to help put a stop to this practice before it becomes an industry standard, head over to’s petition to Sam Zell, The Tribune Company’s chairman, and tell him to stop outsourcing local news!

Tired of Going Outside and Looking Out Windows But Still Want to Know How Many Hours of Daylight to Expect Today?

Yes, the days are now getting shorter, but how short?  When is the sun going to set on this Monday and how might one gain this information without being dependent on a meteorologist?

Glad you asked.

All you need to do is find your latitude, figure out the day of the year and then use this groovy chart

Got more Monday to kill?  Take the scenic route and use the sunrise equation to work it out yourself.  There’s…



If you’re not into math, then call it art.

If you’ve still got time before sunset, then enjoy a look at what “constant day” looks like in space.

On What Planet Is This Good?

“You got money in my politics!”

“You got politics in my money!”

What’s more unsettling, the amount being spent or the fact that it’s happening right out in the open?

Would it be more respectful to hide this from the public?

[Chart via the latest in Mother Jones’ coverage of Dark Money in politics]
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